Hair Care Advice

Life in the Tropics can be extremely hard on the condition of almost everybody’s hair, so we’re more than happy to offer some advice on how to make sure your hair doesn’t bug you to death.

Hair Care Tips

  • Regular trims will help to keep ‘frizz-prone’ hair under control
  • Use a deep conditioner on longer hair to nourish damaged hair
  • Rub a little conditioner onto longer hair when it’s dry to keep it ‘moist’
  • After shampooing, give your hair a blast of cold water
  • Stop using your hairdryer and let your hair ‘air-dry’
  • Keep your hair long as the weight of the hair prevents ‘puffiness’
  • Try a crewcut or hair tattoo

Head Lice

Head lice are a common problem for school-aged children especially. We do have a policy of not cutting children’s hair which is infested with head lice due to issues with sterilisation and hygiene. If live head lice are found during a haircut, there is a $5 cleaning and sterilisation fee.

View more about head lice, prevention and treatment.